Panthera Cleaning

Panthera playfield before cleaning
Panthera playfield prior to cleaning
Panthera playfield prior to cleaning

The Panthera playfield is in good shape but needs a good cleaning and a coat of wax before I really do anything else to the pin. At the moment it is playing but with no sound. While I wait to diagnose the sound problem I will strip and start cleaning. This is all manual, I have to remove the plastics, then clean the playfield with simple green, then go over it with a heavy scratch remover, clean it again, and then wax the playfield. Taking the components off is the hardest part of this process. Removing all the plastics, old bulbs, and anything else that I can to make cleaning easier. This took me about an hour. Look at the images below to see the removal and the beginning of the cleaning process. It takes time but is well worth it in the end. I hope to complete the cleaning and waxing tonight or tomorrow. I will post updates as I have them!

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