My First Pinball Machine

Royal Flush Deluxe Backglass
Royal Flush Deluxe Backglass

Back some time ago I bought my first pinball machine. I thought it was going to be a large project to get running at 100% and I was very excited to start. I have had experience in electronics, having a complete soldering bench in my home. After watching TONS of videos on maintaining pins over the years I was ready for the challenge. I bought an 1983 Gottlieb Royal Flush Deluxe, having heard about the ground mods needed as well as many other issues I as ready for a long battle. Then I got it home, almost everything was complete on it. It really just needed a good cleaning and some soft white LEDs. Over time I did do a complete flipper rebuild and new rubbers and more cleaning but overall it has been a very stable game and I love it!

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