Rack ‘Em Up

Rack 'Em Up Backglass
Rack ‘Em Up Backglass

As my first pin was too easy to restore as it was almost complete I decided, as most of us do, to purchase another pin. As I had already known some things about the Gottlieb System 80a I decided to get ANOTHER 1983 Gottlieb. This time I bought Rack ‘Em Up. Great pool theme and a style to the machine that matched my other pin. This machine needed a lot of work. The power switch was broken, the fuse assembly on the cabinet was broken, the ground mods were not complete, and the logic board needed a TON of work. This was the project I was looking for!

Rack 'Em Up Playfield
Rack ‘Em Up Playfield

I decided to jump right in and get the machine powered up so that I could start working. As you can see from the picture that the playfield was in rough shape and needed replacement parts, some plastics, and a TON of cleaning before it was going to be in the condition that I wanted it to be in. Those items were going to have to wait until I replaced the power switch and fuse assembly and then went to the logic board. As I was working on the logic board I started testing all the lights and switches to see what transistors were blown. This took some time as I had to replace all the bulbs at the same time to ensure that it was not wiring or a bulb. Once I got into the rhythm of things I got things going quickly.

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