The Addams Family

The Addams Family Backglass
The Addams Family Backglass

The Addams Family (TAF) was the most produces pinball ever! With 20,270 of the original and an additional 1,000 of the gold editions! This is a favorite for many people for many reasons. First of all it was an amazing theme that matched the movie very well, the call outs area great, and the playfield and game design were by Pat Lawlor and are perfect. There is something for everyone to do on this machine. I am a HUGE fan and have one in my collection. This is a pin that I feel everyone can enjoy. If you have people come over to your home that are not major pinball players this is the one that everyone can play. Most people have seen or played it and they are drawn to it! It is a must have for every collection. That main issue that I am seeing is that there are not enough of them to go around. Many were put on vending routes and were not maintained well. As a result they are getting a very high asking price at the moment. There are many things to consider when looking at one. Does it have a replacement playfield? Is the cabinet paint faded or damaged? Has the boards been maintained? Has there been mods installed? All of these things change the value of the machine.

Uncle Fester
Uncle Fester

One of the most common mods is Uncle Fester placed in the electric chair. This was available back in the 90’s and most people added it as it was a feature point for the game. This is very easy to install on your own and added an additional light in his mouth to show that the shot was ready.

Thing taking the ball
Thing taking the ball

You can add MANY mods to TAF, I would suggest adding them slowly as there are a lot and most of them do not change or enhance the game play much. I do suggest a few that should be done to EVERY machine…

  • Add lighting to all of the scoops
  • Add lighting to the swamp
  • Light inside things box
  • Light the shooter gauge
  • Add the train with LEDs
  • Add a light pointing to the bookcase
  • Add decals for the bookcase
  • Add decal for things box
  • Add the “Bear Rug” over the ramp.
  • Replace all bulbs with LEDs

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