1972 Gottlieb Football

Gottlieb Football Spinner
Poor Condition Gottlieb Football Backglass

For some time now I have had a 1972 Gottlieb Football. I bought the machine and it needed a lot of work. I got the machine working well but I do not do cosmetic restorations. I like the game but really hate how warn the playfield, backglass, and how cupped the inserts are. As a result I am thinking of re-theming the machine and doing something completely different with it. I have thought of turning it into a Patriots machine and keeping it. I am not a huge football fan but did grow up in Foxborough, Ma so it makes sense that I would choose my home town team! Now, how do I start doing this? I am thinking of pulling everything off the playfield and getting it back to a good smooth state. From there I can create the design and graphics I want on it. I can either do the design on a computer and have an overlay created or I can make templates and paint on the machine. I am leaning towards the templates as I think it will have more of the 1970’s original look. If I do that, I think I will go back to the original Patriots logo as well to make the machine look more like it was done in the 1970’s. I think all that is going to go well, my major concern is the backglass. I will pull this old one and create a new one, if I do that do I do a translite or a real painted backglass? This is the area that I want some opinions on. If I was to go forward and re-theme it to be 1970’s I think a backglass would be nicer BUT will anyone notice is my question.

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