Panthera Update: Working Pin!!!

Panthera playfield prior to cleaning

Finally found the issue with the game not registering selective switches, it appears that a chip in the switch matrix on the new system board is not working. I change system boards with another system 80 that I have here and it is now working correctly. I am going to have to get a new MPU for the other pin but at least this pin is working as it should from the game play perspective.

During testing I noticed that when the game ended the flippers and high power on the playfield was not turning off as they should. I had never seen this before on a system 80, I went looking through the schematics and did not see anything that looked like a smoking gun, I was looking for a bad relay on the driver board or someplace. Then I remembered that Gottlieb did not use relays like I would have today, they were still all about the coils. I found that the “Game Over” coil, that controls a few switches, and it had some terminals that were all smashed together, this probably happened when someone pulled the playfield out and crushed the solder tabs together against the lockdown bar area. I bent them back to the correct location and we are off and going. My guess is that this was done some time ago and people never really noticed…

So, with that, we are complete and the pin is 100% playable and working as it should. Last bit of things to do are cleaning the outside of the cabinet, final polishing, new instruction cards, and cleaning the glass!

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